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Karma Solutions FZCO is a leading healthcare institution that offers a wide range of healthcare services and acts as a one-stop solution for all health-related queries.

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Provide the services at your doorstep

We make sure that you receive the services at your doorstep and let go of all the health related worries.

Maintain transparency and integrity

We maintain transparency and integrity and remain committed towards fulfilling the promises.

Our objective

Our objective remains to work consistently as a platform where principles of Ayurveda and modernity coexist.

Our Core Values

We are thoughtful towards our clients and treat every individual with utmost respect. We believe in the holiness of human life.

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Health Coach Training

Under ‘Health Coach Training’, Karma Solutions FZCO will offer you training on understanding your health dynamics in depth through the natural healing perspective....


It is important to know that consumption of a ‘Sattvic Diet’ that holds the ability to maintain a state of wellbeing in life. Sattva represents equilibrium and har...

Personal Development

The ‘dinacharya’ (daily practice) tradition is one of the most potent natural techniques for enhancing your general well-being and health. Even if you're new, ...

Happiness Life Coach Program

With the ‘Happiness Life Coach Program’, you will learn the skills and tools that will enable you and others to achieve happiness by being in good health and spiri...


Services We Provide

Lifestyle Coach on Call

With Karma@Call, we provide you with the quality guidance from our specialists that formulate a customised pla...

Dietitian on Call

‘Dietitian on Call’ feature involves getting your diet and lifestyle maintenance queries to be res...

Yoga Consultants on Call

The ‘Yoga Consultants on Call’ facility provides you with all the aid to determine the levels of s...

Lifestyle Coaching

We believe in the overall development of the people and for those who are willing to take a step, we are here ...
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With Wellness Programs

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