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Karma Solutions FZCO is a leading healthcare institution that offers a wide range of healthcare services and acts as a one-stop solution for all health-related queries. We aim to provide the world with professional healthcare services and help people identify and adapt to natural ways of healing. Being an organisation that believes in providing people with a healthy lifestyle, we offer services like customised yoga and diet plans, dietary supplements, herbal supplements, Diet consultants, and Yoga consultants.

Karma Solutions FZCO is equipped with some of the best industry experts and health professionals that hold years of experience and provide unmatched knowledge, and experience. We believe in quality over quantity and have been accompanied by specialists who always strive towards providing the latest solutions and performing research works.

We make sure that you receive the services at your doorstep and let go of all the health related worries. With the world getting hit by different health issues, we ensure that our clients receive their healthcare solutions through safe modes of transaction. We try to cater to each need you present and request us with and believe in building a long-term relationship.

We maintain transparency and integrity in what we do and remain committed towards fulfilling the promises to our customers and clients. Our team of experts is dedicated towards providing the supreme healthcare experiences. Our growing marketing presence is indicative of the support, efficiency, and trust that we have achieved from the community.

Our objective remains to work consistently as a platform where principles of wellness and modernity coexist. Our goal is to provide the world with unmatched and innumerable benefits of naturopathy. We aim to improve the quality and standard of living of the people and help them lead a healthy life.

Our Values

We are thoughtful towards our clients and treat every individual with utmost respect. We believe in the holiness of human life and expres care and compassion for the needful and helpless. We always try to cooperate in order to deliver wholesome benefits for the community and give quality considerations. We excel in utilising the available resources to their full capacity and delivering the best results.


KARMA on Call

Karma Solutions FZCO is one of the leading healthcare institutions that aims to provide its clients with the best of wellness programs. It works in accordance with all natural principles and integrates them with modern sciences to ensure the overall well-being of individuals. Our mission is to improve people's quality of life by helping them find respite from suffering. We believe in offering and adapting natural wellness programs as a preferred alternative to available complex choices, which promotes not just the niche but also holistic health

What is

KARMA on Call?

Karma@Call is a devoted team of highly qualified and expert doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel who are only a phone call away from providing you with exceptional advice and help. We offer our consultation services for several lifestyle diseases and disorders that you find difficult to be handled anymore. Our doctors, Yoga Consultants, and Dietitians can aid you through virtual interaction..

Dive Deep Into the Realm of Ayurveda

We are not just limited to offering clinical facilities via digital platforms but also provide you with certain educational facilities as well. We offer courses that help you dive deep into your interests, curiosities, and understand how leading a healthy life has been made simple. If you aim to learn about principles and functional aspects of wellness programs then Karma Solutions FZCO is your viable option.

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